Posted by: 4whateveritsworth | February 7, 2012

There’s Nothing Like Homemade Gifts

If you are a lifetime crafter, like I am, it’s often hard to justify purchasing items I admire while shopping.  I often hear myself saying, “I can make that”. Not that I always do, but if it really catches my eye, I might “borrow” or re-invent the idea.

My mother turned 85 recently.  Just what could she possibly need at her stage of life?  Generally, whatever I make for  myself or someone else, she often requests that I “whip one up” for her.  So this time, I focused on her particular tastes and created a necklace with a leopard print. She can’t get enough of those animal prints.  It’s a bit of joke, but honestly I can’t think of an item of clothing that she is lacking with an animal print, especially leopard. She has them all, pocketbooks, shoes, coats, jackets, shirts, scarves, you get the idea.

I happened upon a silk-like scarf with a leopard print while walking through Target.  I had no clue what I’d make, but it seemed like a good starting point.  I looked at some of my favorite crafting websites and blogs, and perused Pinterest and YouTube.

Eventually I decided to try my hand at making rosettes.  I’ve always wanted to experiment, and they certainly didn’t appear to be particularly difficult.  Leopard rosettes, huh? Well, whether you or I are fans, or not, I knew someone would be ecstatic.

So, after a few tries, and ultimately polishing my technique, I created a number of rosettes, choosing 3 for a necklace.  Since I hadn’t used up all the scarf remnants, I was able to cover a curtain tie back with the remaining fabric, and use that for the base of the necklace. I needed something sizable to firmly support the rosettes.

Needless to say, it was a huge hit.  What do you think? (Be nice now.)

Until my next post, 4 whatever it’s worth…..


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