Posted by: 4whateveritsworth | September 28, 2011

A Candy Recipe for Rosh Hashanah


Growing up we spent most holidays at my grandparents’ house.  My grandmother prepared many of the same traditional foods year after year.  She prepared a recipe for a European candy called noant, appropriate for both Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) and for Passover.

In recent years, I’ve occasionally come across a recipe for noant  in a Jewish cookbook, and online. I’m always surprised to see it.  Noant isn’t something I crave during the year, but its loss would be felt on Rosh Hashanah and Passover. My kids haven’t gained my love for it, so I suspect the tradition may not continue.  A couple of my cousins share my passion and occasionally make it, too.  It’s nice to pass the tradition from generation to generation.

The best part about noant is that it’s delicious in its simplicity and natural ingredients.

Grandma’s recipe for Noant
1 lb. honey (use a good quality honey)
2 T. sugar
1 lb. chopped walnuts
juice of 1/2 lemon plus 2 slices of lemon

Heat honey and sugar to a rolling boil.  Add walnuts, lemon juice and lemon slices and combine well.  Continue to heat and stir well until the honey is absorbed.  (My grandmother’s recipe says 10 mins but I find it takes a lot longer – – closer to 30 mins -until the honey is no longer a liquid.  If you undercook it, it still tastes fine but it won’t firm up properly.)

Pour mixture onto a large (wet)  board and flatten to 1/2 inch with a wet rolling-pin or by using your wet hand.  I use both the rolling-pin and my wet hand.  I prefer using my hand for greater control, but you must keep wetting your hand since the mixture is extremely hot to handle.

Once firm, cut pieces into squares or triangular shapes.  It makes a large amount and can easily be frozen for a very long time.  By the way, we remove the lemon slices and eat them separately – – we call them the “fillet” of the noant – – the best part, so delicious. This year we added extra lemon slices, since they are so delicious.

Until my next post, 4 whatever it’s worth…..


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    • Thanks for noticing that my RSS widget wasn’t appearing. It should be working now.

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